Why Blendtec Blender is the Best

Have you ever thought of buying an advanced type of blender? If yes then blendtec is what you exactly need. Blendtec is one brand of blenders that are known to be built to the highest level of commercial standards. The blender offers the best services and this has really made it to expand its market in as much as demand is concerned. For that reason, in the following discussion we are going to look at some of the features that make blendtec the best blender.


Has durable and safety blade

The blades that blendtec blender is fitted with are actually the strongest than any other blender’s blades. The blades are made of steel that is hardened and cold forged and this has greatly boosts the durability and functionality of the entire blender. Additionally, blendtec blades are ten times stronger and very 85%thicker has compared to other blenders. As if not enough, the blades are not sharp but blunt for very important reasons. The speed of the blades which normally estimated to be three hundred miles per one hour does not necessarily need sharp blades for it to deliver its task. The blunt edges can just blend with the help of fruits that have frozen and the ice that chips away. Blendtec blades are also very safe to clean without any fear and controversies.


Has an interface that is simple-touch

Blendtec blender is made of modern touch features from controls to look and importantly makes everything related to it simple to do and handle. The blender is actually a modernized type that whose cleaning is easy in relation to other blenders. You can actually make as many blends has you want with just a single touch. It is automated in that a single touch does a perfect blend of your products. Its flat design and sleek nature is what makes it easy for cleaning. The modernized controls allows you to make a walk-away and quick blend.


Drive socket that is unbreakable

The drive socket is very rigid and does not necessarily need to be replaced because of its unbreakable nature. The function of the drive socket is to spin the blender blades. It transfers power from the motor onto the blades so that they can spin and blend. A powerful blender such as blendtec ought to have a hardened dive socket to spin the blades instead of the plastic parts that are breakable spinning the blades. The heavy metallic drive in all blendtec blenders can withstand come year and go and importantly doesn’t slip or rather need some replacement. Therefore, blendtec blender is what you need if you really want a durable and long-lasting device.


Ultra-high-speeded type of motor

Blendtec blenders actually features in the market as one type of blender with the most powerful type of motors that provides speed, commercial strength and importantly quality that you obviously need. Its motor is known to blend even the toughest ingredient that you can imagine of from raw vegetable, frozen fruits or even ice. It does its blending much more perfectly that any other blender you can think of without skipping any beat. The most important thing with the device is that it’s always up to any task that it’s assigned to do.


Give a perfect and smooth blend

The manner in which the blender is designed is what makes the whole process a walk in the park. The jar normally has five sides which are automated to pull the ingredients into the blades. The square design in the jar is also important and unique in that it disrupts the flow of the blending therefore ensure that a smooth blend is obtained. The entire design ensures that instead of the ingredients spinning in a circular manner, they rather hit the walls of the jar. The force of inertia then does its job of mixing up the fruit or ice until it reaches the top of the mix. By the end of the entire mixing of up, down, left and right, a perfect smooth blend would have been obtained.



Blendtec blender normally gives you a warranty of about 3years when you buy the new equipment. In case of any malfunction within the time frame you can return and get a replacement of the device. Three years is good time to confirm the efficiency of the equipment.