Which is healthier blending or juicing

In previous years, most people ate in their homes instead of away in unhealthy fast food restaurants. Therefore, the diets for the family were much easier to control without a lot of extra effort to keep preservatives out and whole foods in. As a result of these changes in eating habits, the illnesses and disease have run rampant. From more cases of diabetes and obesity to high cholesterol and heart trouble, the health of Americans are now at risk. Therefore, people all over the U.S. and abroad are watching their diets much more closely since the current diets are often tied to illnesses and diseases that adversely affect virtually every area of the body.

Fortunately, due the changes needed in getting healthier, there is a new market and trend that is beginning to boom, and that is getting back to the basics of enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables. Because people are always on the go, however, the manufacturers of various kitchen appliances have provided a host of other popular kitchen gadgets and additions that can be used in a very instrumental way. Some of the latest and most innovative are those that help the family to start blending and juicing to help with getting the nutrition that they need to remain healthy and fit. Also, many people are turning to these options as a way to lose weight.

With that being said, there are some common questions that many people are always asking. One of the more notable is, which is healthier blending or juicing? To answer this question, there are several things that people should know about both processes. So, for those of you who want to learn more about their differences, here’s some invaluable information that you can add to your notes.

What is Juicing and how does it work?

Juicing can be described as a process that people use when they want to extract all of the water and the nutrients from their fruits and vegetables so that they can get rid of the fiber that cannot be digested by the body. The primary reason for using this kind of process is to eliminate all of the work that the digestive system to do in order to break down these foods into easy absorbable nutrients. In fact, the basic concept of juicing is to make all of the nutrients contained in these foods more readily available for the body in bigger quantities.

Juicing is perceived to be much better for everyone, especially for those who have sensitive digestive system that keeps their body from properly processing fiber. This is a necessary element in the process since the fiber in produce naturally slows down the digestive process so that these foods can be used as a steady flow of nutrients into its blood stream. Therefore, juicing can be referred to as a process that is called a nutrient express.

Now, that everyone knows the very basics of juicing and how it is good for the body, there is one word of caution that must be taken into consideration before starting the process of juicing fruits and vegetables. Particularly, for those people who have problems with unstable blood sugar levels. In this case, juicing may cause sugar spikes that lead to energy loss, mood swings, and adverse illnesses that can affect the body. So, juicing may not be for everyone.

What is Blending and how does it work?

Dissimilar to the process of juicing, blending includes the entire fruit and vegetable. Meaning the skin and everything that is contained in the vegetables and fruits are used to make up a serving. Thereby, all of the nutrients are taken into consideration as a option to eat every things that can help the body and promote a good working system that is free from various toxins.

It is also important to note that to make the process of digestion much easier, the process of blending is the preferred choice. In this situation, the foods that have been broken down for nutrients are slowly released in the blood stream so people can avoid the frequent blood sugar spikes. Also, when people drink a smoothie that comes from this type of blending, the body’s tend to fill up much quicker and people tend to fill full for longer periods of time. Smoothies can also be served for any meal so people can drink them in replace of their breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack.